Tutorial: Getting Started with TFS in VS2010

Pessoal Jason Zander publicou um tutorial muito bom sobre o uso do TFS no VS 2010, vale a pena dar uma conferida.

Aqui vou colocar só um trecho do artigo dele...


Earlier this month we announced the new Basic configuration for TFS.  This configuration gives you an easy to set up version of TFS that supports source control, work items, and builds.  It is a great place to migrate your Visual Source Safe assets and pick up new features in the process.  Now that we have released the formal Beta 2 bits for VS2010, I wanted to do a walk through on how to get started using the system. 
This post will be most helpful for those of you who have not installed or used TFS before.  TFS can support sophisticated environments that include reporting, SharePoint integration, support across multiple domains, distributed databases, etc.  I’m not going to cover any of that here.  Instead my goal is to help you understand “why TFS” and how you can get started using the system.  In a future post I will walk through the process to convert a Visual Source Safe database into TFS in case you are coming from a VSS deployment today.
First let’s talk about “why TFS?”  The goal of Team Foundation Server is to create a central repository with a set of tools that make it really easy to collaborate between roles.  You could try to stitch together multiple disparate systems as follows:
In this case each system has its own storage, own set of identity for assets, own commands and tools.  Getting this going is like trying to hook up a set of custom stereo components:  you can pull it off but it’s going to be a lot of work and you are missing out on some stuff.
What I’d rather have is a system which can integrate these items together and then enable my default work flow through the system:

para ver o conteúdo completo acesse o Blog dele.

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